Archipel Caravan アルシペル・キャラバン

A celebration of Japan’s pop culture centered around its creators.

2023年12月15日 (金) 〜 17日 (日)
東京日仏学院 Institut français de Tokyo

December 15th (Fri.) - December 17th (Sun.), 2023
Institut français de Tokyo


一日ごとに「基本入場 + ライブ/展示観覧券」が必要となります。上映・トークイベントへの入場は別途「特別セッション・整理番号付き入場券 1,000円/1セッションごと」をお買い求めください。

A base entry ticket provides a one-day entry and access to exhibitions & music live performances. Screenings and talk events require an additional special session ticket (1,000 Yen / Session).

基本入場 + ライブ/展示観覧券
Base Entry Ticket
(Exhibition & Live Access)
¥1,500 (incl. tax)
Special Session Ticket
(Limited Seats)
¥1,000 (incl. tax)
*Please refer to each individual session for purchase links.

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Kenji Eno Commemorative Project

ドキュメンタリー先行上映Documentary Premiere
15th Fri.
ドキュメンタリー上映・トークイベントDocumentary Screening | Talk
16th Sat.17th Sun.
特設展示Special Exhibition
15th Fri.16th Sat.17th Sun.

『D の食卓』や『エネミーゼロ』をはじめ、常にゲームを通してのストーリーテリングの境界線を越え、多くの方々に影響を与えてきたクリエイターの飯野賢治。2013年に42歳で夭逝した同氏の没10周年にちなみ、夫人の飯野由香をはじめ、小島秀夫、上田文人、浅野忠信、ピエール瀧など、飯野賢治と接点のあった方々を取材した追悼ドキュメンタリーを初披露します。さらに、出演者によるトークイベントを行うとともに、飯野賢治の過去のゲーム、写真、書籍などを集約した特設展示会を開催します。

Behind game titles such as “D” or “Enemy Zero”, Kenji Eno is a creator who was one step ahead in pushing the boundaries of storytelling in the game medium, influencing many people throughout his career. Commemorating the 10 years since his sudden passing in 2013, we will premiere a documentary gathering testimonials from people who were close to him, starting with his wife Yuka Iino, creators such as Hideo Kojima, Fumito Ueda and artists such as Pierre Taki or Tadanobu Asano. The documentary will include English subtitles.

Two screening sessions will be followed by a talk event with unique guests, while a special exhibition will be held throughout the duration of the event, featuring Eno’s past games, photographs, books, and more.

三上真司 × 神谷英樹Shinji Mikami × Hideki Kamiya


神谷英樹は『デビルメイクライ』、『ビューティフルジョー 』、『大神』、『ベヨネッタ』シリーズなど、バラエティに富んだユニークな作品を発表。国内外を問わず高く評価されているゲームクリエイター。現在はYouTube(神谷英樹チャンネル / Hideki KamiyaChannel)を開設し、自由を満喫中。


As a director and producer, he created numerous hits such as the Resident Evil series and The Evil Within series. Not only did Resident Evil play a pivotal role in popularizing the survival horror genre, but it had a profound impact on the entire gaming industry.

Hideki Kamiya is the creator behind a variety of unique titles, such as Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Okami or the Bayonetta series. His work as a game creator has been critically acclaimed both in Japan and overseas. He recently opened his YouTube channel “Hideki Kamiya Channel”, enjoying his newly acquired freedom.

Both creators left their past positions in 2023; during this talk, we will look back at each creator’s career and memories, creative process and future endeavors.

米山舞 × 玉川真吾Mai Yoneyama × Shingo Tamagawa

16th Sat.

米山舞はガイナックス入社後、アニメーターとしてキャリアをスタートさせたのち、イラスト、アート作品の展示、映像・ゲーム制作など幅広く活躍。常に新たな表現方法を模索するその姿勢から生み出される作品群は「驚きと美しさ」に満ち満ちており、「神絵師」とも称されるほど。最前線を走る新世代の旗手のひとりとして、常に注目を集めるクリエイターである。映像監督として、『YOKU』(2022)『サイバーパンクエッジランナーズ』ED を監督、作画共に手掛けた。



Mai Yoneyama started her career as an animator at GAINAX, with her work currently spanning between animation, illustration, modern art and work for the video & game industry. As she keeps pursuing new modes of expression, her works are filled with “beauty and surprise”, earning her a “virtuoso” status. As a key artist of the new generation, her works collect attention from both Japan and overseas. As a director, she is behind “YOKU” (2022) and the ending for the “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” series.

While working as an animator and animation director for Sunrise, Shingo Tamagawa is known for his short animation “PUPARIA” (2020), which he single-handedly created over the course of three years. Claiming that “animation starts with a single drawing”, Tamagawa’s dense and powerful artworks capture the viewer at each instant. As a newly rising artist, many expectations are held towards his future works.

As two creators of the new generation, Yoneyama and Tamagawa will discuss their unique takes on universe building, creative approach and methods.


17th Sun. (Sold Out)
特別展示Special Exhibition
15th Fri.16th Sat.17th Sun.


AC部が持つ独自のメソッド、そして作品制作の裏側に迫るべく、AC部のふたりによるマスタークラスをステージ上にて開催します。さらに、group_inou(グループイノウ)の楽曲『THERAPY』の MV制作においてAC 部が生み出した人気セラピスト・キャラクター「イルカのイルカくん」や、アニメ『ポプテピピック』にて話題となった「ボブネミミッミ」「ヘルシェイク矢野」の作品、資料展示、グッズ販売を開催します。

AC-bu is a creative team formed in 1999. Their works expand across multiple media, further pushing new experimental methods of creation. To this day, AC-bu’s style revolves around this unique approach of bringing a sense of unexpected to the viewer. Building that “strange” feeling stands as a pillar within the team, who recently expanded its work one step further to modern art.

We will be holding a masterclass on stage, pursuing the team’s unique methods and creation story behind its works. Furthermore, a special exhibition will be held featuring “Iruka no Iruka-kun”, a popular therapist dolphin character that AC-bu created for the music video of group_inou’s “THERAPY”, in addition to artworks around “Hellshake Yano” and “Bob Epic Team”, from the “Pop Team Epic” anime, preparation documents and original merchandise.

坂本眞一Shinichi Sakamoto

17th Sun.

登山家の生涯に材を取った小説原案の連載漫画『孤高の人』で一躍、頭角を表したのち、続く『イノサン』やその続編『イノサン Rouge』で、斯界におけるその地位を不動のものに。緻密に構成された絵柄はもとより、残虐なシーンですら「耽美的」に思えるほどの表現力と筆力は群を抜き、今もっとも勢いのある漫画家のひとりである。『イノサン』以降、作画を完全デジタル化し、新たな漫画表現を開拓し続けている。最新作は、2021年より連載中の『#DRCL midnight children』。


Shinichi Sakamoto is the manga artist behind “The Climber”, following the life of an alpinist (based on the eponymous novel), “Innocent” and “Innocent Rouge”, bringing the author to an unremovable status in the industry. His art compositions express cruelty scenes with a unique sense of aesthetics, topped with an outstanding drawing technique. With “Innocent”, Sakamoto shifted to a fully digital environment, further pushing the boundaries of this method. In 2021, he started his latest series “#DRCL midnight children”.

In this masterclass, we will follow Sakamoto’s unique take on digital creation in manga, together with his creative process as we dig further in his universe.

山村浩二Koji Yamamura

17th Sun.



From “Mt. Head” (2002), awarded with the Grand Prix at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival to his latest feature film “A Dozen Norths” (2022), Koji Yamamura’s career spans over 40 years of research in pursuing new animation methods, creating countless short works that combine a sense of freedom to his poetic philosophy. Yamamura is also a renowned picture book artist, with more than 100 published works.

In front of the theater audience, we will screen a special cut diving into Koji Yamamura’s universe, followed by a masterclass where we dive in his life dedicated to independent animation, creative approach and methods.

Acky Bright

ライブドローイングLive Drawing
17th Sun.


As an illustrator and manga artist, Acky Bright’s unique drawing style and characters have been acclaimed overseas, leading to collaborations with DC Comics, Meta or BMW. His dynamic, yet precise style can be seen in his unique live drawing performances, one of which we will be hosting during the event under a specific theme.

小林早織Saori Kobayashi

ライブパフォーマンスLive Performance
16th Sat.

数年SEGAに勤務、ゲームサウンド開発に携わり、退職後もMicrosoftやSEGAなどのゲームBGMやアレンジアルバムに楽曲を提供。「和」を基盤とした楽曲コンセプトを打ち出しながらもジャンルの枠を超えて、電子的なサウンドを紡ぎだすスタイルを追求し続けている。代表作は『AZEL -パンツァードラグーンRPG-』や『パンツァードラグーン オルタ』。今回、特設ライブ会場にてその『パンツァードラグーン』シリーズのアクスティックピアノライブを開催。

After working on sound creation at SEGA, Saori Kobayashi has pursued music composition in the game industry. Her compositions share a common platform based on the “Wa” Japanese concept, with works spreading across multiple genres. Saori Kobayashi will be performing an acoustic piano live session, centered around her work on the “Panzer Dragoon” series and two of its representative titles: “Panzer Dragoon Saga” and “Panzer Dragoon Orta”.

光吉猛修Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

ライブパフォーマンスLive Performance
16th Sat.

1990年に株式会社セガ・エンタープライゼス(現:株式会社セガ)に入社後、ゲームミュージックバンド創成期からサウンド開発、声優、歌手として各方面に精力的に活動中のセガ社員。活力源はお客様からの「楽しかった」の一言。代表作は『DAYTONA USA』、『シェンムー 一章 横須賀』、『WCCF』シリーズや、『CHUNITHM』『maimai』『オンゲキ』の音ゲー3タイトルにも深く関わる。


Upon joining SEGA Enterprises (now SEGA) in 1990, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi is a key member of SEGA’s sound team, whose work spans from game music creation, sound development, voice acting and vocals. His various works marked the memories of the players, with titles such as “DAYTONA USA”, “Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka”, the “WCCF” series and work on SEGA’s rhythm titles “CHUNITHM”, “Kaimai” and “ONDEKI”.

Mitsuyoshi will offer a unique vocal performance from a selection of his work on SEGA titles.


ライブパフォーマンスLive Performance
17th Sun.

group_inouのTRACK担当。2017年より本格的にソロ活動を開始。クラブからライブハウスまで、これまで以上に活動の幅を広げる。フジロック、BAYCAMP、森、道、市場、ボロフェスタ、全感覚祭等の大型イベントにも出演。橋本麦が手掛けた「Fly feat.79,中村佳穂」のMVはVimeoのStaff Picksに選出、新千歳空港国際アニメーション映画祭の観客賞、香港のifva awardsで特別賞を受賞するなど、世界各地で話題となっている。2022年4月にコラボアルバム「MONSTERS」をリリース。「イルカのイルカくん」を生み出すなど、クリエイティブチーム「AC部」とのコラボレーション実績が多数あり、今回はソロでのライブパフォーマンスを披露。

Track maker of group_inou. imai made his solo debut in 2017, highly active on Japan’s livehouse and club scene. He has performed on a wide variety of events and venues, ranging from FUJI ROCK, BAYCAMP, BOROFESTA or Zenkankakusai. The music video for “Fly feat.79, Kaho Nakamura”, created by Baku Hashimoto, has been awarded with a Staff Picks on Vimeo, alongside the Viewer Prize at the Shin-Chintose Airport International Animation Film Festival and a Special Prize at Hong Kong’s ifva awards. His latest collaboration album “MONSTERS” was released in April 2022. His works include many collaborations with the AC-bu creative team, leading to the birth of the Iruka no Iruka-kun character, also showcased in the event. imai will feature a solo live performance.


Dec 15th (Fri.)

Dec 16th (Sat.)

Dec 17th (Sun.)


2023年12月15日(金)〜 12月17日(日)
10:00〜21:00 ※15日(金)は17:00〜21:00

Institut français de Tokyo
15th(Fri.)-17th(Sun.) December, 2023
10:00 - 21:00 (17:00 - 21:00 on Dec 15th (Fri.))

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